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Supervisor Liability for Public Safety


  • Matt Dolan
    Attorney & Director, Dolan Consulting Group, NC

A promotion to a supervisory position is an invitation to enter the world of personnel management. This course will provide attendees with the knowledge necessary to recognize the most common and costly personnel liability issues confronting supervisors in public safety.

Far too many supervisors are learning about these challenges through the process of trial and error—at great expense to the agencies and themselves. In this course, federal and state statutes and case law will be utilized to illustrate the potential pitfalls of employee relations in public safety administration and the means by which those liability risks can be managed.

This course is designed to prepare public safety supervisors to take preventative steps to limit supervisor liability, maintain organizational standards and protect employee rights under the law.

Drones: What Public Safety Officials Need to Know


  • Bill Bongle
    Captain, Green Bay Police Department, WI (Ret.)

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (commonly referred to as “drones”) are an emerging technology which offers exciting possibilities for public safety. Drones could be used to situational awareness while keeping first responders out of harm’s way. Despite the many legitimate uses of drones, privacy advocates have raised concerns. Several states, including Wisconsin, have passed “drone legislation” which regulates the way drones may be used. Any agency seeking to use a drone must also receive approval from the FAA.

Public Safety Managers & Supervisors Leadership Development Program


  • Harry P. Dolan
    Chief of Police, Raleigh Police Department, NC (Ret.)

This in-depth leadership development program provides participants with effective management and supervisory skills essential for success in today's challenging public safety environment. Practical examples are presented to public safety organization leaders of all ranks, sworn and civilian, to illustrate successful strategies designed to improve organizational effectiveness and morale. Today's dynamic, ever-changing public safety field makes this course a must for all those who accept the call to lead.

Developing Organizational Performance Leadership