Eric Sweden

Eric Sweden

Sergeant, Raleigh Police Department, NC

Sergeant Eric Sweden began his career in public safety as a volunteer fireman. He was then a full time paramedic, training officer and supervisor in Hartford, Connecticut before teaching EMS programs at the Emergency Training Center (affiliate of the University of Connecticut, School of Medicine) and the University of Hartford. Eric then began his career in law enforcement with the Town of Old Lyme Police Department and attended the Connecticut Police Academy in 1990.

Eric has been with the City of Raleigh, North Carolina Police Department since 2000 and served as a patrol officer for six years before being promoted to Detective, serving as a general investigator. The following three years, he was then assigned to the department’s ‘Collision Reconstruction Unit’ and then spent a year with the Department’s full time training academy before being promoted to Sergeant in 2011, where he currently serves as a Patrol Sergeant and Hostage Negotiator. Eric has lectured throughout the Southeastern United States in the areas of traffic safety, collision investigation, court testimony and conflict resolution. He frequently teaches for the Raleigh Police Department as well as for the NC Conference of District Attorneys and NC Community College System. He has been qualified as an expert in both District and Superior Court for North Carolina in the areas of collision reconstruction and impaired driving.

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    Sergeant, Raleigh Police Department, NC
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  • September 19 - September 22, 2017
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Chief Harry P. Dolan’s, (Ret.) Surviving Verbal Conflict® Training Program has been provided to tens of thousands of public safety professionals throughout the country. In response to popular requests, Chief Dolan has developed a train the trainer program providing public safety professionals with the training, tools and material required to train agency personnel in the highly acclaimed Surviving Verbal Conflict® Verbal De-escalation Program.

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Today’s increased service demands and the scrutiny placed upon public safety professionals have resulted in a growing need to master verbal conflict management skills. When negative verbal encounters escalate to the point where physical intervention is used, criticism often results when it is later discovered that there is little evidence of verbal de-escalation techniques employed by officers. This is particularly true when incident video and audio reviews are utilized. In some cases, it has become clear that the verbal actions of the public safety responders served to escalate the situation. Administrators are now asking, “Is this an area in which the training tape has run out? Have we adequately trained our personnel to successfully manage and respond to verbal confrontations in a professional manner?"

Developing Organizational Performance Leadership